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Clove Buds

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Cloves are one of the largely cultivating home crops in Sri Lanka. Like many other spices grown in the regions of mid-highlands cloves too are growing healthy in the mountains' slopes of central mid-highlands. The mixture of cool misty and tropical climatic conditions and the naturally rich soil helps to produce this Highly Rich Clove Buds. A very seasonal crop, start to bloom once in every 2 years time, but some occasions may expect the flowers in between the periods from the autumn to summer (Western).

The crop is Purely Organic where they are collecting from the individuals who have the clove trees in their estates and gardens which they grow naturally with no much care. Harvesting is the hard part of the process that human has to climb these tall trees about 30-40 ft high and has to handpick buds from the edges of tree branches.
All picked are taking to oven-dry and from There I choose my choice of quality dried buds to make my kind of spices.

Ceylon Cloves are standing in the highest of the world ranking hierarchies

Note: 1 Ounce = 28.35 grams ( 1 Oz = 28.35 g)

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