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It was the year 2002, I was looking for the best tea in Sri Lanka. My curiosity on Ceylon tea silently pushed myself to try factory fresh teas from different areas of the country. It is really a unique experience that one can gain from a country like Sri Lanka.  Such a small place producing teas with unique identity from each location to another.  In common, the appearance of those teas slightly different even they are the same grade of tea. Qualities are various and the tastes have their unique identity to represent their born land.

This little step brought me forward in trying my own experiments on tea culture. I have a great sense of taste for tea. I am proud and happy what invent by my own sense to present the people who like Ceylon tea. Then the Ceylon Infinitea starts with a specific vision to satisfy tea lovers, making its’ slogan “The Ultimate blend with exquisite flavour from Ceylon Highlands”. All tea for Infinitea brands planning, designing, and selecting by myself. And it will continue until the end.

The brand ‘’Ceylon Infinitea’’ gives you the opportunity to select the most suitable tea for your own taste. All subsidiary brands by Ceylon Infinitea deliver you unique taste of their own. The secrets of Ceylon Infinitea “Never be Another Match of Any Other” I am different, my selection in blending not to compete for any other but for innovation. All my packings are different, my naming of the teas is different, my tastes are my own, so I am different and my brad is different. 


      Eranga Jayasinghe