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Ruhun Raja - Zeus

Brand: Ceylon infinitea
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Ruhunu Raja - Zeus - Orange Pekoe (O P)

[Ruhunu Raja (The King of Ruhuna) series represents low grown teas of Sri Lanka, specifically mountain slopes below 400 meter of Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna provinces of the Island are producing best low land teas.]

Tea grade OP regarded as the first quality of leafy tea manufacturing tea factories. However, tea grade OPA & OP1 also in the same hierarchy which is slightly different from each other. Tea grade OP is slightly wiry but nicely twisted and stands in between the OPA & OP1. This particular brand, Zeus is made from pure Ceylon OP from south & southeast low land tea plantation of the Island. The lower lands teas are vigorously unique and distinctive in taste and colour, usually strong and hard in liquor, truly dark colour in appearance when infused in boiled water. Teas selected for Ruhunu Raja- Zeus are from some of the best tea estates of low-land tea gardens. Specifically tea grade OP has bigger leafy uniquely infuse easily in boiled water. Ruhunu Raja-Zeus brigs you the best taste of low grown Orange Pekoe. Drink Tea for a healthy and long life!

Taste          : Strong and full flavoured unique to Ruhunu Raja-Zeus  

Colour        : Bright and Darker in colour, use white porcelain teacup for best results  

Best before : 3 years from the manufacturing date 

Making a good cup of tea; Open a 2-gram aluminum tea sachet for a cup of tea, brewed in boiled water for 3-4 minutes before drink. Use porcelain tea sets for the best results. For additional flavors, may add like lime, cinnamon, sugar, etc., as desired. All Ruhunu Raja brands are suitable for iced teas, to make a bright golden colour glass of ice tea, need to infused teas in filtered boiled water, and after gently shake using a shaker together with few ice cubes OR brewed tea stir in a glass with ice cubes. Add sugar syrup, lime, and cinnamon if as desired as to your passion. For a regular drink at home, take a bottle full of water, and add a few leaves inside it, keep it in a fridge for normal infusion. After a few hours of infusion may drink light colored chilled tea. Doing this every day can reduce fat and return back to your slim body.   



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Product Name  : Ruhunu Raja - Zeus   

Contains            : 100% Ceylon OP (Low grown Orange Pekoe) leafy teas in a paper pouch 

Pack weight       : 50 Grams of tea (2g x 25 sachets = 50g pouch pack)

Price                  : US$ 13.64 per pouch 


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pouch 

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