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Avalon – Lust

Brand: Ceylon infinitea
Product Code: Lust
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The Lust - Golden Tips & Silver Tips

The King & Queen of the world of tea set together making the Lust from Avalon of Ceylon Infinitea. Exclusively unique blend founded by forming together with the combination of Golden Tips & Silver Tips. 100% handpicked pure Ceylon Tea tips chosen from carefully selected tea estates on the highlands of Sri Lanka. These tea clones have their own characteristics and planted in special locations, mountains over 1800 meters above the sea level in altitude, and in specifically identified geologically suitable slopes of misty hills. This special blend designed just for genuine tea lovers. Drink tea for healthy & beautiful life!

Taste   : Refreshingly soul healing, absolutely lighter taste, unique to Avalon Lust 

Colour : Flickreringly Golden & Silvery in a white porcelain teacup

Best to: Consume within 3 months from the manufacture date  

How to make a nice cup of tea: Open a 2 grams aluminum tea sachet for a cup of tea, brew in boiled water for few minutes (3 to 5 minutes) before drink, use porcelain tea sets for best results. Avalon-Lust could drink like ice tea., for this purpose you may infuse few tea sachets for the desired amount of filtered boiled water, and after brewing let it settle down for normal temperature and keep them in a refrigerator to make best ice tea in Goldy silver colour. No sugar or any extra adding need for all Avalon marks







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Product Name  : Avalon - Lust 

Contains            : Golden Tips & Silver Tips (100% Handpicked Ceylon Tea + Sun & Shade dried)

Pack weight       : 50 Grams tea - (2g x 25 sachets = 50g pouch pack)   

Price                  : US$ 28.00 per packet 



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